Review of Jupiter Slots Casino

Buckle up and prepare to go to outer space on this journey to Jupiter Slots, a new mobile-friendly site ideal for those who want to concentrate only on the spins. This is an intriguing concept that is certain to pique the curiosity of the many people who are interested by our cosmos and what is beyond our green and blue planet home.

This planet is the fifth from our (very small) Sun and the biggest in the Solar System. Additionally, it is referred to as a gas giant. Not in the same way as BP or Shell, but in a more ethereal and completely literal way. Is this casino a figment of your imagination, or is it a true online behemoth?

Interstellar Entertainment

In terms of design, it is not an exact representation of the enigmatic planet, which bears more like to Mars here. Without getting too technical about astrophysics, it’s a warm, inviting, almost wild western vibe reminiscent of the cult television series Serenity. The scene is a weird region with a crimson sky and rocky pillar-like shapes and bumpy meadows. Jupiter Slots is a relative newbie on the market, having premiered in 2017, unlike its cosmic namesake.

While it might be difficult to keep up with all of these new releases, they are always welcome since they provide gamers with a world (pun intended) of options when it comes to investing their money. Whether you want to remain faithful to a single brand or like to play both casino and games, the more alternatives you have, the better. This is one of those websites that suffers from separation anxiety – it screams at you, Hey! Return! from its tab, if you have the impiety to leave it for a second to explore another site.

Trophies on the Market

If you like collecting the occasional trophy or two, this casino has a trophy granting structure complete with levels to climb and goodies to claim. Each new level earns you a free spin on their Mega Reel, and the higher the level, the more of that reel you acquire. Therefore, get onboard this trophy train and earn them by completing exciting mini-tasks – moreover, when you join up, you’ll receive a free spin of the Mega Reel. Additionally, newcomers get double cashback for their first 31 days with the company, but the fun doesn’t stop there; as the Carpenters famously sang, we’ve just started.

Every Wednesday between 3pm and 7pm, Happy Hour offers the opportunity to win 500 free spins, a great little midweek pick-me-up. The remainder of the week, you may still try to unlock the Turbo Reel, which is granted randomly but offers the possibility to win a variety of fantastic prizes. Bear in mind that bonus monies may be utilized only when your “actual money” (whatever it is these days) has been depleted. Then, like a hungry Pac-Man, you may consume it all and perhaps earn some more funds to pay with.

Numerous Slots

Jupiter Slots has committed itself to slots (unsurprisingly given the name), simplifying things for those of you who are all about reel pleasure. Additionally, it has a convenient small bar in the slot menu that allows you to filter by Hot Slots, My Favorites, Newest, Jackpots, and an A to Z listing (great for those who can’t exactly recall the name of the game they’re looking to play – be prepared for some serious scrolling).

You’ll discover all the major brands here, including top software developers like as NetEnt, MicroGaming, and Eyecon, as well as popular themes such as space (a must-play on this site) and Irish slots. and if you really cannot get enough of spinning the wheels, you may also check out Casumo casino, which offers an excellent selection of games.

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